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2005-07-27 - 12:25 p.m.

There are but few people in this State who know that "hashish," the opium of Arabs, is raised, prepared, smoked and eaten in California the same as along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean and Red seas. This astonishing information was made public yesterday by S.A. Nahon at the Board of Trade rooms... ...Mr. Nahon learned that the Arabs and Armenians or Turks are growing twenty acres of hemp near Stockton. They tell the farmers that it is for bird seed, but that is not all. They make and smoke kiff and send large quantities of hashish to this City for the use of the Turks and Arabs here, and large quantities are also sent to other parts of the United States where Arab and Turk hashish-eaters reside. The Stockton hemp farmers are making money fast by raising the drug and are keeping the secret away from their neighbors. Mr. Nahon proposes to enter the same field as soon as he can secure the land and make not only hashish for the Oriental consumers, but the extract for the medicinal trade.


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